HydroBakes makes plant-based baking mixes complete.

APPROACHABLE Our unique, plant-based mixes really are 'just add water'. So, you’re always ready to bake. No need for any further ingredients. 

PLANT-FORWARD We craft all natural, non-GMO baking mixes to celebrate thoughtful living and a plant-forward lifestyle.

CHEF CRAFTED But, easy does not mean boring. Our Pastry Chef has crafted our decadent flavors to make HydroBakes a true treat for the ones you love - or for just you! 

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow      Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix       Peanut Butter and Strawberries Cookie Mix

 When you're always ready to bake, there's more time to celebrate living.

Happy HydroBaking!

Pastry Chef Toni Signature

Pastry Chef Toni Roberts